Welcome To Stevens Homes and Communities

Stevens Homes and Communities is in the mobile and manufactured home business for both home sales and home rentals. Our reputation is “the nicest communities, with the nicest residents and the nicest homes and yards.”   Contact us to learn how you can become a resident of one of our Mobile Home Communities!


Benefits Of Mobile Home Living Compared To Apartment Living

  • Mobile home communities offer more space and privacy than apartments living does.
  • No more shared walls or hallways. Never hear your neighbor through the wall again. No more navigating cluttered public hallways.
  • Personal parking for up to two vehicles within a few steps of your front door.
  • When you go outside you can enjoy your deck or yard and even have space for a small garden or flowerbed.
  • You have options, within community rules, to decorate your yard to add your own personal touch.
  • Most lots have room for a storage shed to store larger items you want to get out of your living space when not in use.
  • For a modest monthly pet fee we allow either 1 dog or 1 cat in our rental homes. Most apartments charge you a deposit plus the monthly pet fees.
  • With mobile homes you can find a 3-bedroom home that is comparable or even cheaper than your current apartment.
  • All of our rental homes come with our GOLD KEY SERVICE. With GOLD KEY SERVICE we will inspect your home quarterly to ensure everything is in working order to give you peace of mind.