About Us

Hi, I’m Joanne Stevens. My goal is to help residents create great Mobile Home Communities and to be cost conscious and responsive to residents.

My real estate experience is long and varied. I’ve been involved in the Mobile Home Community business for over 25 years as a broker, manufactured home retailer, manager and owner. I’m an advocate of manufactured homes and communities because both offer tremendous value to you, the customer.

From the first manufactured home building plant I visited over 2 decades ago, I became a believer in manufactured housing. The Skyline Homes factory in Lancaster, WI opened my eyes to the tremendous value mobile homes offer the customer.

The 3 characteristics that mobile homes offer that equal or even exceed residential real estate are:

  1. PRICE. The price of a new mobile home is at least half of the price of an existing site built home. The price of an existing mobile home in a community is a lot less. Mobile homes offer tremendous value to the customer.
  2. Construction. Because mobile homes are built in a climate controlled factory, the lumber, roof trusses and other building materials are not subjected to rain, snow and heat that may warp the lumber even before it gets built in to the home.
  3. Energy Efficiency. Mobile homes are built with either 2x4 or 2x6 wall construction. There is insulation in the floor joists. The furnace, water heater, refrigerator and other appliances are highly energy efficient. This means lower utility costs for the customer. Over the years many of our homebuyers have said they were surprised at how low their heating and electric bills were.

Why not come to one of our communities and see for yourself what we have to offer. Start saving money today by buying or renting one of our homes in one of our communities!

My only regret from my mobile home factory visit was that I didn’t learn about the best kept housing secret… mobile homes are attractive and offer so much more square footage for the money than their residential real estate cousins.

Right then I knew I wanted to help people get involved with mobile homes.

Mark Borchardt, Regional Property Manager

Although new to property management, Mark has a diverse background in working with and helping people. From years in the retail industry he gained a wealth of customer service skills. He is dedicated to working for and with the residents to make their community the best in the area!