Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide to move or need to move quickly? Can I get out of my lease?
At our communities, oftentimes there is a waiting list of prospective residents. If a quality resident is approved for your home, then yes, your lease may be terminated. Communicate with the manager on your timeline. Are you available to show the home? If you are, great. If not, our manager may be able to show the home. We will work diligently to accommodate your move out date with a view to cordially ending your lease.
What if I need to sell my home? Will the community owner buy my home?
We offer a FREE listing service. We advertise the home, put the home on the website, put up a For Sale sign and a brochure box, and assist in showing the home. We inform other residents about your home. We do a great deal to maximize your sale price. It’s FREE to you, the resident.

We will assist you in getting your home sold as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, the person that will pay the most for your home will be the person living in it. If despite our best efforts to find a buyer your home hasn’t sold, then we will do our best to buy your home.
Can I rent out my mobile home once I own it?
In order to maintain the quality of community our residents enjoy, subleasing is not permissible. All residents are screened prior to being approved for tenancy. It’s important to select the right resident to move in to the community. Subleasing works against the community goal of having nice people and nice homes in the community
Can I have my own lawn/garden design?
Yes. Prior to building porches or decks, and plating shrubs, the manager needs to see a plan.
Are pets allowed?
Each community has its own guidelines concerning pets. The general rules are: no attack or vicious breeds of animals, one pet per household and the resident must accompany the pet at all times.
Does Stevens Homes and Communities finance homes?
No. We will provide you with a list of potential lenders for you to purchase the home.
Does Stevens Homes and Communities rent-to-own?
No. We prefer to rent the home to the customer; then if the customer likes the home and the community they may convert to home ownership.
What are the costs for living in the Community?
Lot rent plus gas, electric, cable, water, sewer and garbage. Also, Homeowners or Renters Insurance.
How do I know if my mobile home has been constructed in accordance with HUD”s national building code?
Once a HUD-certified inspector approves the new home design, a label is affixed to the home. You should also find a data plate on each home listing the manufacturer, serial number, design approval, heating specifications and wind resistance. If these can’t be located, purchase of the home is not recommended.